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Name: Jenna Marie
Age: 16
Birthday: October 7th 1988
Sign: I'm a libra!
Location: I live in a small house, in a small city named Round Rock in the BIG state of Texas

[Extra Information]
Movies: GREASE!!!!! I love that movie, umm...Chicago, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, A Cinderella Story(its such a cute movie)...humm... How to Deal, and With Out a Paddle
Music Groups: Madonna, simple plan, ashlee simpson, lonestar, Keith Urban, Green Day, cindi lauper, stacie orrico, martina mcbride and Dixie chicks(i like all different types of music...including some classical)
Books: Anything by Dean koontz, The Complete Book of Poems: Edgar Allen Poe, Gingerbread, Rose read: THe Diary of Ellen Rimbauer(weird book) and anything by Lurlenn McDaniel
Authors: Edger Allen Poe, Dean Koontz, Lurleen McDaniel
Comic Books(If you read them): I dont read those but I read magazines!

[Your opinion on]
Gay Marriges: Rock On! i think its cool and keep fighting b/c I bet that one day they WILL be dont give up
X-Treme Everything: Ummm...Not sure what it is asking *scratches head in confusion*
Abortions: humm...ok I have mixed feelings on this subject...I am pro life, because there are other options, but then you have to take into consideration rape, but god obviously wanted this child here for some purpose, i mean you could/could have killed the person who discovers a cure for cancer or for AIDS, everyone is here for a purpose and If you kill that person, you kill their mission and someones soul i said mised emotions
Our current presidental canidates: I like Bush. I like what he stands for(minus gay marriges) and I say let him finish what he started, or all his hard work was for nothing
Econmy: I'm not up to date on the be honest it confuses me a little, maybe next year when I take econmy I'll understand better
Teen Pregnacies: Another iffy! Some teenagers are great my friend steffani, shes 18 and has a baby, and shes a wonderful mother and this other chick that was in my biology class last year, she had a baby in 9th grade and shes great...but some are horrible mothers...and heres a little trivia...the youngest mother in TX was 8 and the youngest grandmother was 21! weird/ creepy right?

Hobbies/Sports: Playing flute, writing poems and music, I love dancing and acting, hang out with friends and being a dork
Dreams: I would love to act in a feture film, and marry the man of my dreams...
Grade: 11th I'm a "junior mint!"
AIM: Aurora(space)Rose162
Email Addy: and yes i know i mis spelled passionate
Yahoo: blondeflutechic
MSN: n/a dont have one
Why are you a dork?: heck yah! i'm a dork and proud of it
Why are you sexy?: Some of my guy friends say I'm sexy, and the guy i'm head over heels about says i'll have to go with a yes
Why are you made for sexy dorks?: I can be extremly dorky... in moderations and I'm sexy, and I'm sure that I have alot to offer
George W. Bush: Rock on! you would have my vote...and I kinda awnsered that above
John Kerry: I strongly disslike him...he can't make up his mind and words cannot discribe the feelings i have against him

One or two pictures of yourslef. of the mods, said it was cool, as long as i had a good applicaton...i'm a poor techinlogical(<<spelling) deprived [/Application] thanks for readin" Jenna
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