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Name: Danielle
Age: 18
Birthday: September 4th
Sign: Virgo, haha go figure..The virgin!
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

[Extra Information]
Movies: 10 things I hate about you ( I'm not sure why I love this movie so much, but I really do. I guess its because in a way I wanted my school to be like that, lol. And Heath is really hot!) How to lose a guy in 10 days ( Hey, I've done it in 10 minutes, how's that for special?) and Dead Poets Society ( I just *heart* this movie!)
Music Groups: Coldplay, Savage Garden, Queen, The Eagles, and tons of other oldie groups. A lot of people don't particularly care for my music tastes, and thats okay..I listen to what I like :)
Books:How to Kill a Mockingbird, an absoutely touching book.
Authors: I don't have a particular "must read" author.. I pick books up at random and read them!
Comic Books(If you read them): I don't read those..

[Your opinion on]
Gay Marriges: I think everyone should have the opportunity to marry the person they love.
X-Treme Everything: It's gotten carried away in a big way, I don't enjoy it myself.
Abortions: Pro Choice.
Our current presidental canidates: Ah, this election is going to be chosing between two evils. I do believe that John Kerry is the less of the evil.
Teen Pregnacies: I feel so bad for girls (and their boyfriends) who get pregnant. I always thought that it would be uber embarrassing to walk around a high school pregnant, just because of the way people think. Sadly, these girls are automatically tagged with the names of "whore, slut, ect." thats just really sad.

Dreams: I've constantly having these dreams, where I can put a grocery bag under my butt, and suddenly I can float..And everyone around me is so jealous! Those are definetely the weirdest dreams that I've had in a LONG time.
Grade: College freshman
Email Addy: Woooga@aol.com
MSN: Woooga@aol.com
Why are you a dork?: Being a dork is all about personality, and I definetely have enough dork inside of me to go around. Me and my best friend have a code, in which we speak bird to each other (yeah, that may be slightly on the weird side..) I go over to my boyfriends to play ddr, and actually enjoy it. And have been known on occassion to watch Full House, and Arthur.
Why are you sexy?: I have a great ability to laugh at myself :)
Why are you made for sexy dorks?:I'm an THE sexy dork, so I hope you'll all have me :)
George W. Bush: I recently heard that Bush, said John Kerry did not understand the meaning behind the war in Iraq. Okay, so who really does? First, we're going in because of WMD, ooops, none of those their...And now we find Sadaam, and suddenly, THERE we have our reason for war..Finding Sadaam! And now its changing again? Bush clearly shows that he has no idea of what he's doing. I can't wait until he's voted out on November 2nd.
John Kerry: I'm not so sure about him, but I like him more than Bush!

One or two pictures of yourslef.
here goes, I apologize for any broken monitors

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