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Age: 13
Birthday: December 9, 1990
Sign: Saggitarius
Location: US

Magizine or comic book:
Archie comics =D
Music Artists: Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Vanessa Carlton, The Distillers, Skid Row, ect.
Movies: The Butterfly Effect (!!), Children of the Corn, The Ring
Authors: Jk Rowling, Rachel Vail
Books: The Life Before Her Eyes (I forgot the author)
Food: comfort foods...chocolate, pasta, bread

Music Artists:
any rappers
Books: I've never really read any books I don't like because I put it down if I don't like it
Authors: same as above answer
Movies: 13 Going on 30...anything corny and predictable
Food: anything too spicy

[Your opinions on..]
Gay Marriges:
I think everyone should have the right to marry who they want. Although I'm a Christian, not everyone is and not everyone belives that our country's laws should be based on the bible
Abortions: I'm very pro-life unless there is a case like rape. If you don't want a baby...don't have unprotected sex.
George W. Bush: He's not the best president we've ever had, but hes trying his best. And everyone thinks he's so stupid because he says a few stupid things but hes really not that dumb.
John Kerry: He irks me. I really don't like this botoxed up man who can't make up his mind. But that is just my opinion.
X-Treme Everything: I have no clue what you mean by this.
Labeling people: Its part of human nature. I try not to label my peers though.
Teen Pregnacies: It makes me sad and angry at the same time. People need to learn to be responsible in my opinion as naive as that sounds.

[We can contact you on..]
MSN: n/a
Yahoo: n/a
Jabber: n/a
ICQ UIN: n/a

Why are you sexy?:
Because I'm confident and beautiful ;)
Why are you a dork?: because I think I'm beautiful :P and I'd rather stay home reading on a Friday night then going out with my friends
Why are you filling out this application?: because I want to be in this communtiy!! You all seem sweet and dorky!

One or more pictures of yourself.


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